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[03:12:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_ [10:29:11] <temporal_> ppatiern hi [10:29:22] <ppatiern> temporal_: hi [10:29:22] <temporal_> we are currently releasing, you should not commit in master branch [10:29:53] <temporal_> could you revert this change and put it in a branch and merge it when release is done ? [10:31:27] <ppatiern> ok [10:34:10] <ppatiern> temporal_ is it ok for you just a git revert <sha> ? [10:34:16] <temporal_> yes it's ok [10:34:22] <temporal_> I can rebase on it [10:35:29] <ppatiern> temporal_: done [10:37:05] <temporal_> thanks [10:38:38] <ppatiern> np [10:52:00] <ppatiern> temporal_ did you rebase ? is it ok ? [10:52:06] <temporal_> not yet [10:52:08] <temporal_> I will do soon [10:52:29] <ppatiern> ok can you ping me when you have done please ? ;) [12:18:58] <temporal_> it will be said on vertx-dev list [12:19:08] <temporal_> there is a current thread about the release [12:19:14] <temporal_> you should pay attention to it [19:39:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[20:40:47] <beginner> Is making Twitter Wall project only criteria for selection ?

[20:43:48] <pmlopes> @beginner, the twitter wall is a simple app + report that will allow the mentors to have a look how you structure your project/code and how you describe/document it

[20:45:24] <pmlopes> this is quite important to know because Google will want a evaluation report on student work, so if a student can write amazing code but is incapable of writting the essay, then we do have a problem grading since from a technical perspective we need both code and documentation and so does Google

[20:46:11] <pmlopes> Sure the twitter wall is not comparable to the project ideas and may be totally off, but again it is just a simple way to assess the students.

[20:49:47] <beginner> ok..i understood that.. Apart from this,what else we need to do ? Can you guide me through the process of how should i start contributing in this org

[20:52:00] <beginner> Though i like some of the ideas listed there, but should i have to start discussing idea with the mentor concerned or first make Twitter Wall app

[20:54:10] <pmlopes> first you should look at the ideas and pick one you like, you should introduce yourself in the google group and ask anything if you don't understand or have dificult with anything. In the mean time do the assements and share it on github so the mentors can look at it, for example, last year we asked for a TODO backend, here is a student's example:

[20:54:13] <pmlopes> t.x

[20:55:45] <pmlopes> as you can see the mentors did manage to have a look to the student's programming skills plus documentation skills. Also what you don't see is that is also shown that the student was capable of looking for anwsers on his own and when blocked asked for help in the user group

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