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[06:26:22] <xkr47> AlexLehm, thanks!!

[12:55:32] <msavy> hey pmlopes|Zzzz, i have a case where a (non-browser) client hits a vert.x web endpoint with BASIC credentials, which i then need to auth with keycloak.

[12:56:18] <msavy> i *think* the correct approach in this instance is to use the password flow? i'm not sure if the token flow works for non-humans

[12:58:36] <msavy> but either way, i don't see how to set the username and password when using KeycloakAuth auth provider

[13:01:48] <msavy> hmm, i do see with the token auth the request being sent to KC with the BASIC set, but KC still responds with a form for some reason

[13:06:20] <msavy> i should probably just try to use direct access grants.

[13:45:10] <msavy> ended up doing some custom code – will try to send some bugfixes etc later

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[16:21:18] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [19:42:28] <rbkrishna> Hello [19:43:08] <rbkrishna> I am stuck with this error: SEVERE: failed to resolve ''. Exceeded max queries per resolve 3 [19:43:14] <rbkrishna> Can someone help me with this [19:43:15] <rbkrishna> Thanks [21:13:41] <myghty> hm *sigh [21:13:51] <myghty> why do people not read the damn error messages before asking [21:44:30] <ivanovdns> Hi there! Is it possible to implement method FreeMarkerTemplateEngineImpl.render() without strict relation to RoutingContext? I'd like to use it outside of web server. I need a template engine for generating mail messages with paramenters provided by any HashMap. [21:46:10] <myghty> ivanovdns: sure, should be possible [21:46:32] <ivanovdns> I'd like to implement it.. [21:46:51] <myghty> then do it :D [21:47:39] <ivanovdns> I forked vertx-web repo and tried to open it in IDEA with next→next etc.. now project has many [main] modules.. looks like smth went wrong (( [21:47:59] <ivanovdns> this is my first contribution experience .. [21:48:12] <myghty> ah :) [21:48:25] <myghty> open the pom.xml in intellij [21:48:41] <myghty> afterwards you see 5 modules [21:51:03] <ivanovdns> great! thnx! [21:56:19] <AlexLehm> ivanovdns: wouldn't it be easier to use the freemarker template without the vertx stuff to create the mail? [22:02:23] <ivanovdns> may be.. I'm not sure about concurrent access to the shared freemarker configuration that I create afer starting a verticle.. [22:04:21] <AlexLehm> in vert.x its not really concurrent if you are on a specific context, not sure how this works in freemarker though [22:17:03] <xkr47> AlexLehm, thanks for the tip yesterday!! [22:18:26] <AlexLehm> yw [22:20:49] <myghty> xkr47: we fixed the issue with the body [22:20:54] <myghty> even though we don't know how [22:21:02] <xkr47> what body? [22:21:19] <myghty> we had the issue that the body of post requests never arrived at our verticle [22:21:32] <myghty> I thought you were that that who helped me :) [22:21:36] <myghty> or tried to at least [22:22:53] <xkr47> I have no such memory [22:23:04] <myghty> :) hm nevermind [22:23:15] <myghty> somehow on solaris the body of post-requests never arrived [22:26:03] <xkr47> if I had more time I would help out [22:26:54] <myghty> :) [22:27:03] <myghty> works now, we upgraded to vert.x 3.4 and somehow it works now [22:27:13] <myghty> we think it might be some threading issue in the underlying netty [22:27:13] <xkr47> :) [23:53:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox

[23:54:31] <ivanovdns> hm.. may I ask about running tests for a repo? vertx-web has a green label about builds and jenkins said that all tests were passed but intellij throws a lot of exceptions ((

[23:55:31] <ivanovdns> I'd like to test my implementation by the test io.vertx.ext.web.templ.FreeMarkerTemplateTest

[23:56:00] <ivanovdns> before commit I tried to run tests without changes..