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[06:49:57] <tim> Hi

[06:54:30] <tim> hi

[09:46:57] <myghty> hi there

[09:47:18] <myghty> just a question: the ThreadContext from log4j 2 does not work for verticles, right? as we have only one thread

[10:19:10] <tsegismont> myghty, right. if you want to log a request id, you could create one, store it in the vertx-web RoutingContext and include it manually in you messages (that can be simplifed with the utility method)

[11:17:18] <myghty> tsegismont: thanks :)

[11:18:50] <myghty> with store it you mean to put it in right?

[11:19:05] <myghty> or just put it in there?

[11:19:09] <myghty> routingContext.put?

[11:19:44] <myghty> ah put :)

[11:19:47] <myghty> reading the docs helps ;)

[11:19:47] <tsegismont> yes, put/get

[11:23:22] <myghty> thank you :)

[11:26:39] <tsegismont> you're welcome