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[15:05:04] <laudatio> hi there i discovered an error in the javascript manual of vertx core

[15:06:19] <laudatio> the both arguments for the replyhandler of vertx().send() must be (ar_err,ar) and not (ar,ar_err)

[15:06:54] <laudatio> that means first argument is errorObject, second argument is regular replyObject

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[19:13:59] <AlexLehm> yunyul: i think the pr is ok now, now we only have to convince somebody from the core dev team

[20:30:57] <BadApe> i've split my project into a number of micro services, I am wondering what might be the best solution to dockerise this, so i could create a fat jar where the pom has the versions i want, or i could maybe assemble a vertx with many jars and add them in one by one?

[20:36:35] <AlexLehm_> yunyul: i have set up a appveyor build for vertx-web, that fails even before it gets to the template tests

[20:37:03] <AlexLehm_>

[20:37:32] <AlexLehm> (not including the template fixes yet since its the current master)