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[09:46:32] <pmlopes> AlexLehm I've reviewed and I don't think we should change the readFileToString method, I think the best would be to update the test to compare a stripped string from \r\n

[10:44:59] <Minikloon> How do I do a multipart form data request on the client side?

[11:43:35] <Minikloon> Okay I found what I was looking for in the vertx-web-client library.

[15:24:29] <Minikloon> I wrote so I can use Netty's MemoryFileUpload.

[15:24:51] <Minikloon> The template field is used to copy headers over.

[15:25:29] <Minikloon> Well, most of the code is copied from Vert.x

[16:08:50] <NL3limin4t0r> Hey guys. Is there a non-blocking filewatcher like the Java WatchService present in Vert.x?

[16:09:20] <NL3limin4t0r> I can't find anything in the documentation, so I guess it's not there, but I just wanted to dubble check.

[16:10:00] <NL3limin4t0r> Link to WatchService page:

[19:28:02] <xkr47> NL3limin4t0r, I haven't seen any either.. perhaps you could write wrappers ? :)

[19:28:28] <xkr47> NL3limin4t0r, but this related thing might be of interest to you: