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[08:17:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [14:59:31] <Zwergal> Hi all. Are there any other implementations of session store than local and clustered? I want to store sessions in my database (postgresql) or somewhere else where they are persisted, so I can restart my server at any time without kicking all the sessions. [15:08:05] <tsegismont> Zwergal, I'm not aware of any rdbms session store. if you use Hazelcast of the Infinispan cluster managers, you could setup the cache to be persitent with jdbc [15:10:38] <Zwergal> tsegismont: Ok, do you know of any other stores to persist sessions like redis or NoSQL solutions like mondoDB etc.? [15:11:12] <tsegismont> tsegismont, no I don't [15:11:51] <Zwergal> tsegismont: Ok, thanks for your answer. Seems like I have to write one myself :) [15:11:53] <tsegismont> temporalfox, ^^ any idea ? [15:53:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

[17:44:32] <yunyul> pmlopes|Zzzz, the Pebble template loader actually uses defaultcharset instead of utf-8 by default

[17:44:40] <yunyul> i retained the existing behavior in my PR to avoid breaking things

[17:44:47] <yunyul> but i'm wondering if that's actually supposed to be the case

[18:25:23] <BadApe> should private final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(this.getClass()); be static in a verticle?

[18:29:56] <tsegismont> yes