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[02:55:48] <wilarz89> hello does any one know how to post a message sent from a webapp using js to a standalone app in java?

[05:18:03] <wilarz89> good evening how do i call the variables I am detecting in a port?

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[14:08:02] <NeeL> Hello guys !

[14:08:35] <NeeL> I would like to know how to register a codec so the objects I store in my session (ClusteredSessionStore) are shared between each node

[14:08:51] <NeeL> Coz I get “io.vertx.ext.web.handler.impl.SessionHandlerImpl Failed to store session” errors [15:36:30] <wilarz89> good morning , I am having trouble implementing this line: [15:36:31] <wilarz89> request.getFormAttribute(“username”); [15:45:23] <temporalfox> hi wilarz89 what is your problem ? [15:45:36] <temporalfox> and hello everyone, happy to be back on the channel :-) [15:48:29] <wilarz89> temporalfox I am not sure were to put that line to detect my form [15:48:46] <wilarz89> I am not sure how to handle code [15:48:47] <temporalfox> you should use it in the endHandler [15:48:53] <temporalfox> because it needs to parse the body before [15:48:55] <temporalfox> as far as I remember [15:49:47] <wilarz89> this is my code. [15:49:49] <wilarz89> public void start() throws Exception { httpServer = vertx.createHttpServer(); httpServer.requestHandler(request → { request.setExpectMultipart(true); This handler will be called every time an HTTP request is received at the server request.endHandler(v → { The body has now been fully read, so retrieve the form attributes MultiMap formAttributes = reque [15:50:00] <temporalfox> yes it should be fine then [15:50:26] <wilarz89> after get form attributes? [15:50:33] <wilarz89> and after liste to porrt? [17:01:37] <wilarz89> hello My app is failing when I run this command [17:01:38] <wilarz89> vertx = Vertx.vertx(); [17:01:40] <wilarz89> in java [17:03:29] <wilarz89> when vert is implemented [17:12:58] <temporalfox> what is failing ? [17:17:58] <wilarz89> hello I am having crashes when I implement this line vertx = Vertx.vertx(); [17:18:15] <wilarz89> dont know what i am missing, I debug and it just crashes [17:39:37] <wilarz89> the line that crashes is public Vertx vertx() { [17:39:37] <wilarz89> return new VertxImpl(); [17:39:37] <wilarz89> } [19:56:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [21:12:40] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [21:30:55] <wilarz89> afternoon could I create a server like :httpServer.requestHandler(request → { [21:30:55] <wilarz89> httpServer.listen(8080,“localhost”, res → { [23:05:08] <wilarz89> anyone? [23:49:59] <wilarz89> hello