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[00:11:11] <javier98> hello i am having a problem with my requesthandler

[03:16:05] <javier99> hello can anyone help me with a problem thanks

[03:20:07] <javier99> I have a problem with tihs part of my code: httpServer = vertx.createHttpServer(); httpServer.requestHandler(request → {

[15:23:32] <wilarz89> hello how do I resolve httpServer.requestHandler(request → {

[15:23:44] <wilarz89> it does not work

[17:01:46] <wilarz89> hello does anyone know how to resolve this:

[20:01:41] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[21:18:57] <xkr47> temporalfox, been working for 3 weeks on my letsencrypt vertx thingy.. just started it for the first time and after 3 bugs fixed it worked flawlessly :D

[21:19:10] <xkr47> temporalfox,