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[07:57:59] <temporalfox> looks good xkr47

[07:58:33] <temporalfox> xkr47 perhaps you can blog about it ?

[08:23:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [09:34:03] <cazacugmihai> Hi! [09:34:15] <cazacugmihai> Can someone take a look over please? [09:35:08] <cazacugmihai> Until the fix, how can I create a service factory that enforce the module to use the java implementation over the groovy one? [09:56:33] <cazacugmihai> cescoffier: Hi! Can you take a look over, please? [09:57:28] <cescoffier> @cazacugmihai can you provide a reproducer ? [10:04:50] <cazacugmihai> cescoffier: I will try. But, until then, do you see way to skip loading that extension? [10:05:01] <cazacugmihai> *a way [10:05:28] <cescoffier> cazacugmihai you need to be sure groovy is not in your classpath [10:05:37] <cazacugmihai> I've heard about a service factory but I don't know how to create/use it [10:05:38] <cescoffier> (groovy, or groovy-all jars) [10:05:55] <cazacugmihai> All my code is written in groovy [10:06:07] <cazacugmihai> But I don't want to use that groovy-lang-module [10:06:46] <cazacugmihai> all my current modules are not using groovy-lang-module and, until now, everything was fine [10:10:40] <cazacugmihai> I've tried yesterday an old functionality provided by a module (to populate the DB) and it threw that exception (a few months ago that code has worked just fine using a previous version of vertx) [10:11:52] <cazacugmihai> Anyway, do you see something unclear in that issue's description? [10:11:52] <cazacugmihai> [10:14:34] <cazacugmihai> Also, what if 99% of the code is written in java and 1% in Groovy. Is there a reason for that extension to be loaded? At least, we have to have an option to enable/disable it. [10:36:51] <cazacugmihai> cescoffier: I have added a comment on that issue with an example of the method that throws the exception [10:37:08] <cazacugmihai> [12:39:30] <cazacugmihai> cescoffier: I have created a reproducer: [15:52:51] <cazacugmihai> tsegismont: Hi! Can someone take a look over, please? [15:55:15] <tsegismont> cazacugmihai, hi, temporalfox will have a look and will come back to you ASAP [15:57:20] <xkr47> temporalfox, perhaps.. :) [15:57:44] <xkr47> remind me later when I forgot [16:00:18] <temporalfox> cazacugmihai hard to achiee because groovy loads the extension [16:00:36] <temporalfox> what I'm thinking is that this should be maybe redone using groovy dynamic stuff [16:00:42] <temporalfox> and not using extension method [16:02:15] <cazacugmihai> this means that the error that I have can not be easily fixed? [16:02:30] <temporalfox> cazacugmihai I don't know yet [16:02:51] <temporalfox> I don't get why calling conn.batchWithParams(sql, args, f.completer()) [16:03:00] <temporalfox> where args is List<JsonArray> [16:03:35] <cazacugmihai> Because that is the only signature of the method [16:03:43] <cazacugmihai> with List<JsonArray> [16:03:58] <cazacugmihai> [16:04:23] <temporalfox> it seems to be it is a groovy copiler bug [16:04:45] <temporalfox> with the declaration [16:04:47] <cazacugmihai> I will try with another Groovy version [16:04:51] <temporalfox> List<JsonArray> args [16:04:59] <temporalfox> it should not call the extension method [16:05:04] <temporalfox> right ? [16:05:08] <cazacugmihai> right [16:10:32] <cazacugmihai> temporalfox: it work with groovy 2.4.10 :) [16:10:49] <temporalfox> cool [16:10:57] <temporalfox> what is the current version in vertx-lang-groovy ? [16:11:00] <cazacugmihai> the error was thrown by using groovy 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT [16:11:17] <cazacugmihai> I don't have vertx-lang-gruuvy in the classpath [16:12:05] <cazacugmihai> but groovy-all jar [16:12:18] <cazacugmihai> in this case, I will close the issue [16:12:28] <cazacugmihai> Thanks for your help! [16:21:46] <temporalfox> maybe it should be reported to groovy issue tracker ? [16:26:31] <cazacugmihai> yes [16:26:47] <cazacugmihai> I'll do it [18:02:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[18:30:51] <cazacugmihai> temporalfox:

[20:12:17] <xkr47> hi

[20:13:54] <xkr47> is there something similar like MDC in logging that works with async?