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[18:31:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [19:47:24] <Ville> what about creating slack channel? irc kills conversation because lack of proper history. [19:48:28] <Ville> which then again kills the community.. [19:50:41] <knix> And slack has been around about 1/10 the time this network has [19:50:54] <knix> there are plenty of irc multiplexers that can persist your history [19:52:31] <Ville> for now it does not matter how long slack has been around as every time someone joins history starts from zero :) i have no idea what's discussed here yesterday. [19:54:02] <knix> see topic [19:54:07] <knix> Channel is logged ;) [19:56:18] <Ville> i tried that! :D starts from april 19:th, then when hitting back button next to date, it jumps to March 1:st. So: I still can't see what happened yesterday. [19:57:33] <Ville> Of cource best would be to write own chat with Vert.x, as a proof of concept ;) [19:58:39] <knix> There are two back buttons [19:58:43] <knix> one jumps day one jumps month [19:59:13] <Ville> aha! Got it. [19:59:16] <knix> This is the most activity this channel has seen in weeks :D [19:59:42] <Ville> haha :D [20:00:27] <Ville> Well now when here is someone alive, i could repeat my yesterdays question: What kotlin support in Vert.x means in detail? [20:00:57] <Ville> And should it be complete? [20:01:50] <knix> I would ask the google group [20:01:52] <knix> It is much more active [20:01:55] <knix> And persisted ;) [20:02:21] <knix> I don't see why it wouldn't work [20:03:09] <Ville> oh, true! i'll take a look [20:04:03] <Ville> i mean, what Kotlin support brings over Java api? I also found out it's missing lot's of interfaces (Especially those which would need kotlin version) [20:04:55] <Ville> yesterday when i played around a bit, i gave up when Json.decodeValue didn't exist in kotlin interface, and java interface didn't play together with Kotlin classes. [20:44:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox