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[20:09:58] <xkr47> is one supposed to run integration test code inside verticles?

[21:54:05] <temporalfox> xkr47 well

[21:54:11] <temporalfox> I think there are many debates

[21:54:17] <temporalfox> on my side I chose to be pragmatic

[21:54:25] <temporalfox> and I call a test, a test :-)

[22:58:16] <xkr47> ^^

[22:58:55] <xkr47> want to test my HTTP proxy implementation properly so I thought that would be needed to get threading to work properly

[22:59:24] <xkr47> I'm not skilled enough to be fully pragmatic yet :)

[23:04:39] <xkr47> I'm starting to think along the lines “if vertx is all about async, then maybe the test framework should be all about async too”

[23:05:30] <xkr47> `@Test Future<Void> asyncTest() { … }`