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[17:53:51] <Tom_Bentley> Hi, I'm working on using the vertx-kafka-client in (it currently uses it's own thread to consume messages from kafka)

[17:54:50] <Tom_Bentley> There's a difficulty in trying to use the kafka client, which is that it just allows me to handle each ConsumerRecord individually.

[17:55:44] <Tom_Bentley> I actually want to handle the whole batch of records returned by Kafak's `Consumer.poll()`

[17:57:01] <Tom_Bentley> It means I can operate on a batch at a time and it's easier for me to manage committing the offsets back to Kafka that way

[17:57:27] <Tom_Bentley> So I was wondering whether a batching consumer would be generally useful?

[17:58:14] <Tom_Bentley> So I was looking at adding this, but there's something in the code for KafkaReadStreamImpl which I don't really understand…

[17:58:57] <Tom_Bentley> That is, why we only process 10 records as a time in run() on line 172, before we (I assume) yield?

[17:59:51] <Tom_Bentley> Could someone explain this?

[18:09:11] <RebelGeek> Is it possible to use the Vert.x Sync with, say, the OAuth2 handler?

[18:09:48] <RebelGeek> I'd like to get the user identity AFTER the handler receives the token from Cloud Foundry's SSO.

[18:11:43] <RebelGeek> I tried extending the handler, but as is, it is not really extendible in a way that I can hook into the handle method.