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[08:26:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [09:27:29] <aesteve> Hi everyone [09:27:45] <aesteve> I was curious to know if you had reached the Groovy community about [09:27:58] <aesteve> sounds like a major major issue [10:20:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[10:20:49] <aesteve> oh I didn't see the webflux suggestion + the JIRA issue pretty nice idea for “vertx-web-dsl”

[10:21:38] <aesteve> don't know if you agree pmlopes but that could be a very good way to answer the “I'd like to generate Swagger doc from my code” issues

[10:22:19] <aesteve> + if it's a separate project lying in, say, “vertx-web-dsl” under the Vert.x official umbrella, it'd be perfectly backwards compatible

[10:28:19] <aesteve> ok, you commented on the issue, my bad. Good to see we'll have some answer tomorrow ! I'll try to keep some time to help.

[11:43:32] <yash> Hi, [11:43:34] <yash> which ongoing projects i can contribute to .. I am new in open source world

[11:47:17] <tsegismont_> yash, hello. First make yourself comfortable with Vert.x by writing a few programs (you can check out the examples in the vertx-examples repo on GitHub) [11:47:39] <tsegismont_> yash, then we tag some issues on GitHub with the “Quick Win” label

[11:48:04] <tsegismont_> yash, those are the easy ones a new contributor would start with [11:48:14] <tsegismont_> yash, welcome!

[11:48:26] <yash> okay , I will check out examples thanks [12:10:21] <yash> should i start with Vert.x Maven Starter repo on git

[12:10:59] <tsegismont_> yash, yes that seems fine [12:11:19] <yash> sure , thanks

[13:06:39] <cazacugmihai> Hi! I'm trying to consume a JWT using: AuthProvider provider = JWTAuth.create(vertx, new JsonObject().put(“public-key”, “BASE64-ENCODED-PUBLIC_KEY”))

[13:06:45] <cazacugmihai> and I have this error: Algorithm not supported

[13:07:42] <cazacugmihai> The keystore is generated using the steps specified here:

[13:08:12] <cazacugmihai> and the BASE64-ENCODED-PUBLIC_KEY is obtained by using this tool:

[13:10:06] <cazacugmihai> If I consume the JWT using the keystore, everything is fine

[13:10:31] <cazacugmihai> but I want to use only the public key for reading it

[13:11:48] <cazacugmihai> so, for some reason, the extracted public key have some issues

[13:16:46] <cazacugmihai> any ideas?

[13:58:49] <cazacugmihai> pmlopes: can you help, please?

[14:20:00] <cazacugmihai> It seems that, before generating the token, we have to specify JWTOptions.algorithm to be 'RS256'. Can you include this info in documentation, please?

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