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[08:34:13] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [11:04:40] <tbentley> Hi in vertx-kafka-client when I run the tests on the CLI I get an error with “CleanupTest.testCleanupInConsumer Was expecting the consumer to be closed”, but the test passes in the IDE. Has anyone else seen this? Should I open an issue about it? [13:30:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[14:13:47] <temporalfox> tbentley it's worth investigating

[14:14:15] <temporalfox> CI sometimes can show issues that don't happen in your IDE because it exhibit race conditions that rarely happen in your local env

[14:21:35] <tbentley> temporalfox: It fails reliably (on command line), and passes reliably (in Eclipse)

[14:21:53] <temporalfox> what you can try is to use the @Repeat annotation on the test

[14:21:59] <temporalfox> from vertx unit

[14:22:02] <temporalfox> and run it 100 times

[14:22:07] <temporalfox> it can help to find race conditions

[14:22:10] <temporalfox> (or more)

[15:05:49] <tbentley> temporalfox: Found it, here's a PR

[15:06:16] <temporalfox> awesome!

[15:06:37] <temporalfox> I've merged it

[15:06:57] <tbentley> Great, thanks!

[21:29:11] <rbkrishna_> Hello I have been using vertx for some time now and I would be really glad to contribute.

[21:29:25] <rbkrishna_> Are there any issues I could take up to start with.

[21:30:08] <rbkrishna_> I was looking at the ones tagged “Quick-win” and I found this issue: very interesting.

[21:30:14] <rbkrishna_> Can I take it up?

[21:30:16] <rbkrishna_> Thanks