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[17:33:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox [19:20:02] <aesteve> Hi, I was wondering. Now we have `listenFuture` implementation. i.e. the replacement of API taking `Handler<AsyncResult<T»` as last parameter by APIs returning a Future<T> [19:20:38] <aesteve> do we plan to extend this to mongo / redis / etc. ? [20:14:25] <temporalfox> listenFuture ? [20:14:37] <temporalfox> for what ? [20:15:02] <temporalfox> for now we don't plan to have a Future based model as it would break the stuff using codegen [20:15:19] <temporalfox> and also it's confusing with vertx-rx-java [20:15:47] <aesteve> oh… sometimes I don't know where my ideas come from… [20:16:08] <aesteve> so no plan of returning a Future instead of having a third Handler<…> parameter [20:16:09] <temporalfox> wdum ? [20:16:14] <temporalfox> I must have missed soemthing [20:16:27] <temporalfox> I think that at some point we will discuss a vertx 4 based on future model [20:16:37] <temporalfox> probably this year [20:16:41] <temporalfox> discussions :-) [20:16:59] <temporalfox> what is the actual use case you are discussing ? [20:17:07] <aesteve> I've heard it somewhere and not sure why I took that for granted [20:17:17] <temporalfox> there is a discussion and an attempt on vertx-dev [20:17:19] <temporalfox> you can read the thread [20:17:22] <temporalfox> and you should [20:17:58] <temporalfox> basically it was creating too many backward compat issue [20:18:06] <temporalfox> and also we could not agree on the future implementation to use [20:18:23] <temporalfox> also now vertx future has simplified creation [20:18:24] <temporalfox> so you can do [20:18:39] <temporalfox> Future f = Future.future(h, server.listen(8080, h)); [20:18:42] <temporalfox> in one line [20:18:51] <temporalfox> i.e as expression [20:19:03] <temporalfox> which can be easier for using composite future [20:19:38] <aesteve> my use case was in vertx-web [20:21:04] <aesteve> i was adding “auto-marshalling” [20:21:46] <aesteve> i.e. if you have a method that returns an Object, the “framework” will automatically marshall it according to the best content negociated, and eventually some marshallers the user has registered [20:22:32] <aesteve> and what could be great is : if a method returns a Future<T>, then it's result will automatically be marshalled later [23:35:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o temporal_

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