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[04:01:53] <NyxCode> Hey, got 1 question about the io.vertx.core.impl.StringEscapeUtils class. The javadoc says that it supports escaping html. Which method should be used for html?

[15:06:17] <brunoqs> Hi guys

[15:06:34] <brunoqs> i'm trying to use codegen

[15:06:56] <brunoqs> and i have a service like this void search(Filter filter, Handler<AsyncResult<List<Vendor»> handler);

[15:07:04] <brunoqs> but everytime i try to gen

[15:07:43] <brunoqs> it says that the type Handler<AsyncResult<List<Vendor»> is not legal for use for a parameter in code generation

[15:07:59] <brunoqs> Vendor is annotated with @DataObject btw

[15:08:55] <brunoqs> any1?