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[08:24:27] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi

[09:18:57] <ppatiern> temporalfox: hi

[09:19:02] <temporalfox> hi

[09:19:53] <temporalfox> I would like to have the PR in vertx-kafka-client to be merged

[09:19:59] <temporalfox> can you take care of that this week ?

[09:20:05] <ppatiern> I'm working on that now :-)

[09:20:26] <ppatiern> for sure this morning it will be merged or I'll ask for changes

[09:21:06] <ppatiern> Tom is working on the AMQP Kafka bridge with me and we are integrating the Kafka client into that … so it will be 100% “Vert.x-ed” :-)

[09:21:43] <temporalfox> great

[09:22:23] <ppatiern> fyi .. I used it in my demo at summit mentioning that it's developed using Vert.x ;)

[09:23:45] <temporalfox> that's great to hear that

[09:23:49] <temporalfox> is the video on youtube ?

[09:24:11] <ppatiern> It was in a room with no recording :-(

[09:24:40] <ppatiern> Btw they asked me to record a video of my part of the session (about the bridge) … I'll do that asap

[09:29:42] <temporalfox> ok

[09:29:44] <temporalfox> good to know

[09:29:53] <temporalfox> don't forget to ask to add on the “vertx” youtube channel

[09:33:28] <ppatiern> ok !

[09:36:57] <temporalfox> any conf expected soon ?

[09:37:17] <temporalfox> next year submit to rivieradev if there is a judcon track again

[09:37:33] <ppatiern> yes sure !

[09:38:00] <ppatiern> in the coming weeks May 22nd and June 5th I'll have a couple of sessions about EnMasse in Italy (Naples and Milan)

[09:38:27] <ppatiern> not speaking about Vert.x … but it's always mentioned because a lot of EnMasse components use it

[09:50:15] <temporalfox> ok

[09:50:38] <temporalfox> so you're going to meet Francesco in Milan ?

[10:10:55] <ppatiern> it's possible. I don't know if he will join the meetup.

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[11:53:10] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox [16:33:10] <yarekt> Hi, verticles. Got a question about running a forever loop in a verticle, Fine to do it in start() ? In that case deploy handler never gets called :( [16:33:26] <yarekt> I heard somewhere step() mentioned, but can't find it [16:33:41] <yarekt> I'm using vertx core 3.3.3 [16:35:06] <tsegismont> yarekt, hi, not sure what you mean whith forever loop, but you should definitely not prevent the start method to complete, otherwise your event loop is blocked and nothing will happen [16:35:43] <tsegismont> yarekt, if you just want to execute something periodically then vertx.setPeriodic will do [16:36:33] <yarekt> I'm using a Worker verticle option, which doesn't block the event loop. Will periodic execution be the same as sort of speed as an infinite loop? I'm essentially reading data and sending to event Bus [16:36:39] <yarekt> (reading/generating) [16:37:52] <yarekt> Is periodic delay of 0L alright ? [16:39:17] <yarekt> Vertx says no: “Cannot schedule a timer with delay < 1 ms” [16:40:04] <yarekt> tsegismont: Usecase is for example I want to send generated messages as fast as possible from a verticle [16:42:23] <tsegismont> yarekt, a worker verticle does not mean you can block the worker thread indefinetly [16:44:03] <tsegismont> yarekt, because two events cannot be handled at the same in parallel [16:44:51] <tsegismont> yarekt, you're reading data from what, a file ? [16:46:24] <yarekt> I'm reading from a polling queue [16:46:55] <tsegismont> what kind of queue ? [16:47:09] <yarekt> A queue that I have to poll to get a batch of messages [16:47:23] <yarekt> List<Message> batch = queue.getBatch() [16:48:23] <yarekt> But an example of data generator works well here, publisher.send(i++); something like that [16:50:25] <tsegismont> so queue.getBatch is blocking I guess? [16:50:41] <tsegismont> until there's a full batch or a timeout occurs? [16:50:46] <yarekt> Yes, it blocks, but sometimes can return an empty list [16:51:28] <tsegismont> Are you working with the Vert.x Java API, or an alt lang ? [16:51:39] <yarekt> Java API [16:54:20] <tsegismont> Then what I would do is the following: [16:55:36] <tsegismont> Start your own thread, just for polling this queue [16:55:42] <tsegismont> and publish to the event bus [16:56:29] <tsegismont> you can call vertx.eventBus().send or publish from any thread [16:56:43] <yarekt> And shut the thread down in stop() ? [16:57:01] <tsegismont> and then in a verticle register the event bus handlers [16:57:17] <tsegismont> well, it depends :) [16:57:27] <tsegismont> How do you start your app ? With your own main ? [16:57:48] <yarekt> Yea, I suppose it will never really be shut down really :) [16:58:58] <tsegismont> you can start/stop the thread from the start/stop methods [16:59:35] <tsegismont> just make sure it's fine if you create multiple instances of the verticle [17:00:35] <yarekt> Hmm, Its fine, it just means there will be dulplicate messages on the bus, but as long as they are all in strict order it shouldn't matter. Why would there be more than one of these verticles? [17:03:10] <tsegismont> [17:04:15] <yarekt> Cool, That should work. Thanks for your help tsegismont :) [17:30:40] <tsegismont> you're welcome [17:33:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o purplefox