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[11:32:24] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi

[11:32:41] <ppatiern> temporalfox hi

[11:32:46] <temporalfox> I've created

[11:32:56] <temporalfox> you can create an empty initial-work branch in it

[11:33:29] <ppatiern> ah ok. I created one on my personal github repo to allow the student starting to work on it

[11:33:51] <ppatiern> now what the way for him ? … he has to fork the project and working with PRs right ?

[11:34:03] <temporalfox> yes

[11:34:07] <ppatiern> I mean forking the official Vert.x project

[11:34:07] <ppatiern> ok

[11:37:41] <ppatiern> temporalfox: thanks !