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[09:47:13] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi

[09:47:24] <ppatiern> temporalfox hi

[09:47:40] <temporalfox> can you tell me the name of the person that will contribute to mqtt client ?

[09:48:13] <ppatiern> Pavel Drankov

[09:48:29] <temporalfox> thanks

[09:48:38] <temporalfox> sending an email about the project on vertx-dev

[09:49:20] <ppatiern> ok today I'll setup the initial-work branch because he wants start to code :-)

[15:29:31] <ppatiern> temporalfox: hi

[15:29:36] <temporalfox> ppatiern hi

[15:30:52] <ppatiern> temporalfox: I see that the Vert.x core project is still using Netty 4.1.8-final. I saw that starting from 4.1.9-final they added some useful message builders in the MQTT codec I'd like to use in my Vert.x MQTT server. There is any specific reason to not update Vertx to use at least 4.1.9-final version for Netty ? or can I updated it ?

[15:31:12] <temporalfox> it cannot be updated for the moment

[15:31:15] <temporalfox> the first reason is that we would need a CQ

[15:31:27] <temporalfox> and the second is that we use gRPC that uses 4.1.8.Final

[15:31:36] <temporalfox> which does not work with 4.1.9.Final because of a regression

[15:31:48] <temporalfox> that's a bit unfortunate

[15:32:10] <ppatiern> ok, I'll wait for it

[15:32:12] <ppatiern> :-(

[16:34:03] <aesteve> I think 4.1.8 has major issues with docker, no ?

[16:55:27] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o temporalfox

[16:57:06] <temporalfox> aesteve what issue is it ?

[17:34:11] <aesteve> this one

[17:52:15] <ppatiern> temporalfox: hi

[17:53:37] <ppatiern> temporalfox: I'd like to know your opinion on this

[18:29:37] <temporalfox> hi ppatiern

[18:30:08] <temporalfox> race problems :-)

[18:33:26] <temporalfox> ppatiern I've commented

[18:35:59] <aesteve> I have a weird behaviour where it seems that WebSocket::close doesn't trigger the closeHandler on the server

[18:37:02] <ppatiern> temporalfox: thanks !