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 +====== Wiki articles by Alexander ======
 +Don't expect much structure here, this contains a few documents I have written.
 +(If you know how my desk looks like, its basically the same here)
 +[[https://www.lehmann.cx/|startpage of this domain]]
 +[[https://about.me/alexlehm|my links page (about.me)]]
 Article list: Article list:
 +  * [[vertx:debug|Debugging vert.x applications in Eclipse]]
 +  * [[textfiles:300baud|Viewing textfiles.com files at modem speed]]
 +  * [[greenshot:jumpshare|How to store images from Greenshot to Jumpshare]]
   * [[piwik:cloudflare|Running Piwik with Cloudflare]]   * [[piwik:cloudflare|Running Piwik with Cloudflare]]
-  * [[ghost:freebsd|HOWTOInstalling Ghost on FreeBSD]]+  * [[alex:old_emails|List of my old email addresses]] 
 +  * [[opensource:start|List of open source projects I am participating and small projects I have started]]